About me

The Bloke

Hi, Im Jordy. I have been everything from a small town mechanic, to the respected & feared God of jungle villagers. Since then I have left that fast paced life and opted to settle town and focus on family, friends and my detailing business, Shine Obsession.

The Businessman

I am now very proud to call myself a professional detailer. I am following my passion for cars and I love seeing the smile on my clients faces when they see their car looking amazing!

Shine Obsession - Prestige Automotive Detailing

Based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia.

Everyone loves free stuff

Here's some stuff I have made in my free time. I have no use for it so I've released it to the public.
It's mostly examples and things fellow coders would be interested in. Generally the code is pretty messy, but I did some clean up.

Snazzy Slider

A simple content slider built using php, jQuery & the MopSlider plugin. Some more info that makes it sound awesome.
- Content Slider is fully & easily customized.- No database required. Content Slider uses a simple text file database.- Minimal styling for easy integration.- Support for any image size.

Demo Download


A simple yet stylish web template coded in valid XHTML Strict & CSS Level 3. That means it's coded according to W3C's high standards for web design. Naturale is easy to customize and completely free.

Demo Download

Magic 8-Ball

Coded in PHP, this is a simple online version of the well known toy loved by many around the world.

Demo Download

Thumbnail label

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Demo Download

Get in touch

Want to beg me to make something for you?

Feel free to email me, as long as you're friendly...

me at jordyvalentine.com